• The IoT Gateway Software SDK and Customisable hardware

    1. Introduction - School of thought A classic Embedded/Electronic device is just a standalone device, but today the device needs to be classified as classic or connected. Millions of such smart intranet & internet connected devices are currently available in the industry, the technology transformation is moving at a high rate from classic to connected. So, if this is the case, a common protocol and communication standard is required for these devices to share data among each other and be able to communicate to the cloud or from/to an intelligent network. Interoperability and easy method for exchange of information among connected devices is of utmost importance for the growth of Enterprise/Industrial IoT. However, the device vulnerabilities are also there on the other side of the story and needs to be addressed with no compromise. Having said that, there would be an immediate requirement for a standard at each level, say - connectivity type, data formatting, supporting protoco...

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