Device Management Platform

Device Management Platform

Device On boarding and Provisioning

Remote Diagnostics and Recovery Management

Device health Monitoring and OTA Updates

Configuration, Policy and Security management

Identity and access management


  • Every physical device shall be authenticated and provided secure API access management.
  • Auto-detection of device categories and filtering of unknown devices.
  • Automatic detection of devices, no-touch provisioning, and onboarding.
  • Automatic bulk device detection and registration make solution deployment easy.
Identity and access management

Data Acquisition and Telemetry


  • Supports MQTT, CoAP, and Kafka message brokers and RestAPIs to securely send IoT-connected device data to the cloud.
  • Allows smooth deployment of OTA[Over-The-Air] updates for gateways and every device within the solution landscape and in the entire IoT ecosystem.
  • The platform supports and provides remote device monitoring and remote debug and diagnostic functionality through the Device health dashboard.
  • Enabled with soft-bridge and middleware support to connect and communicate with AWS IoT, Azure IoT hub or any enterprise cloud platforms
Data Acquisition and Telemetry

Integration with Enterprise Applications


  • APIs and message brokers, protocols such as MQTT. This enables enterprises and industries to scale and manage their IoT deployments.
  • A centralized dashboard adjusts its IoT infrastructure to accommodate evolving business needs.
  • A wide range of API hooks and Data acquisition methods helps enterprises to support a variety of sensors.
  • It supports ingesting a range of data and enables your AI and ML engines to sail smoothly.
Integration with Enterprise Applications

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