Locate Indoor and Transit

Locate Indoor and Transit

Locate Indoor and Transit

According to research, the transportation industry and logistics still spend an average of $40 bn globally annually. Managing purchase and delivery at such a large scale is complex.

We, at Semiconsoul, strive hard to make things simpler and more accessible. Today’s technological advancement has paved the way for large-scale connectivity.

Locate Indoor and Transit

Join the revolution of digital transformation with Semiconsoul

Increase productivity, operational efficiency and maximize asset utilization by choosing an intelligent warehouse distribution system. Implement Easy-to-deploy and scalable solution to meet your requirement.

From allocation of an asset to people tracking, manage the ERP application through API. Focus on your business while solving the complex problem of the Internet of things (IoT) with Semiconsoul.

Monitor the operational visibility to maximize productivity

Take control of total visibility like the arrival and departure of logistics, calculate the time gap, and measure dwell time. Bridge the gap by predictive analysis and monitoring tools from Semiconsoul.

A Real-time-location system can help you in location tracking, environment sensing, and fleet management. As a result, reduce Capex and avoid any loss of assets.

Indoor navigation and tracking made easy.

Do you wonder how eCommerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart keep things organized and track stock? The IoT is only possible to enable the innovative solution to track and monitor vehicles and transportation.

At Semiconsoul, we consistently build and measure the scope of improvement with advanced analytics and tools.  Discover new business opportunities with the help of our Cloud-based software for Indoor and in-transit asset tracking with us

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the digital transformation underway that will make sensing connected machines a fundamental service. Semiconsoul works with IoT devices and computational data analytics to help you make key decisions and achieve a wide array of enterprise objectives. We believe strongly that we can and must do things differently.
Our aim is to bring you new perspectives.