SPIGWAY – Enterprise Edge

SPIGWAY – Enterprise Edge

Product Brief

Gateway designed to support industrial applications in the IoT spectrum acts as an interface bridge between the edge/remote devices/nodes and the cloud. In other words, it collects the data from the edge nodes/devices and processes it as per the definition of EPE1 and sends it to the cloud platform.

Also, the gateway device is equipped with optional sensors to monitor the environmental aspects of the remote location where it is installed. Specifications, supported sensors, protocols and interfaces listed below.

This gateway is running with a proprietary framework called Common Communication and Control Framework C3FTM which will take care of the key functional aspects of an IoT gateway such as Security, Device management, Cloud communication and ability to adopt a wide range of downstream medias such s BLE, MODBUS, RFID etc, various network adaptors like WiFi, Ethernet and Cellular modems. Provision to develop highly scalable edge processing engines.

Note : 1) EPE – Edge Processing Engine, part of C3F. Provision to hook a piece of code/algorithm or a proprietary business logic.

SPIGWAY – Enterprise Edge


Parameter Description
Power Supply
  • 5VDC ± 5% through micro-USB or DC Power Jack
  • Power Over Ethernet – IEEE802.3at support


  • 32-bit ARM Cortex-A8@1GHz
  • Upto 1GB DDR3L 
  • Onboard 4GB eMMC
System I/O 

interface ports

  • 1 x micro-SD connector
  • 1 x RJ45 port with magnetics
  • 2 x USB 2.0 host ports
  • 4 x U.FL male connectors
  • 1 x micro-USB female connector
  • 2 x 3 POS terminal block connectors
Connectivity Ethernet
  • 10/100 Base-T PHY chip
  • Supports up to 100Mbps speed
  • 1 x RJ45 port with magnetics
  • 4 x BLE on-board radios
  • Versatile BLE 5.2
  • 2 x U.FL connectors for interfacing antenna
  • 1 x RS232 or 1 x RS485
  • RS-232 Signal: TXD, RXD, GND
  • RS-485 Signal: A, B, GND
  • ESD Protection 12kV
LED indications
  • 1 x Power indication 
  • 2 x User programmable
Protocols and connectivity 
  • 4x dedicated BLE5.2 radios
  • MQTT and CoAP 
  • Restful APIs device management
  • TCP/IP / Ethernet


Sensor Specification

Sensor Measured sensor parameters Range Resolution/Accuracy
Motion Sensor Acceleration ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, ±16g 16-bit resolution
Gyroscope 125o/s, 250o/s, 500o/s, 1000o/s, 2000o/s 16-bit resolution
Geomagnetic sensor Magnetic field ±1300μT (x,y axis), ±2500μT (z-axis) Magnetic field resolution ~0.3μT
Barometric sensor with integrated temperature sensor Absolute Pressure 0 – 1200 mbar 24-bit resolution


±1.5 mbar(25oC, 750 mbar)

±2.5 mbar(-20oC to 85oC, 300 to 1100 mbar)

Temperature -40 to +85 oC <0.01oC resolution

Accuracy: ±0.8oC

Humidity sensor with integrated temperature sensor Relative Humidity 0 to 100 %RH <0.2 %RH RMS resolution


±2%RH(0 to 80 %RH)

Temperature -40 to +85 oC <0.08 oC RMS resolution


±0.3oC(-10oC to +85oC)

Ambient Light Sensor Light 0.01 to 83000 lux 23-bit resolution

Max. sensitivity at 550 nm



The Gateway can be used to relay messages between the edge devices and the Cloudplatform in asset monitoring and tracking applications.
Industrial and enterprise IoT data acquisition applications.